Garden Club Helps Out at Crofton Library

Crofton Library was a busy place on Saturday, November 5, with several worker bees from the Crofton Village Garden Club weeding beds near the main entrance and spreading mulch purchased by the club for the library.

Veterans and new members worked side by side on this, one of our new community service projects.  (Click on photo to enlarge it.)


Crofton Leaf Pick-up

Crofton fall foliageWith so many trees in some areas of Crofton, you may be wondering what to do with all those leaves when they start to fall.  My first word of advice would be to mulch them with your lawn mower, when you can.  But there will come a time when your family is likely to spend some quality family time together raking your yard.

Leaf pick-up in Crofton occurs on your regular re-cycling day, assuming you have Anne Arundel County trash pick-up.  Some condo or home-owner associations may have private trash and recycling contractors, however, and you should rely on your association newsletter.

Guidelines for all yard waste in Crofton are the same for leaves, grass clippings, garden waste and brush such as twigs, prunings, and small branches:

Crofton boy playing with leaves

1.  Use a 32–gallon or smaller trash bag and mark it with a large “X” so it will be visible to the collectors.

2.  Tie bags, rather than closing them with wire or metal ties.

3.  Do not mix trash with yard waste.

4.  Collect leaves no more than a few days prior to collection, to avoid odors.

5.  Cut branches less than 4 inches diameter to lengths of 4 ft. or less, and bundle with twine.

6.  Limit the weight of bags or bundles to 40 pounds maximum.

7.  There is no limit to the number of bags or bundles of yard waste you can put out for collection.

Your kids or grandchildren will be more eager to help with the leaves if you offer them an opportunity to play in the leaves after certain milestones are reached.

For example, a good incentive might be a few minutes of fun leaf-throwing or leaf pile-jumping when five or six  bags are finished.  The little mess it makes is well worth the raking and bagging help from these eager volunteers, and they will be more than happy to help you bag those leaves when they are finished playing.  We made some good memories for them and me, thanks to all those Crofton leaves!

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Poinsettia Orders Due Nov. 1

Pink PoinsettiaIt is not too early to think Christmas if you would like to have Behnke’s poinsettias delivered right here to Crofton the first week of December!

In fact, orders must be placed before Nov. 1.

Order your poinsettias today from the Crofton Village Garden Club for gifts, your place of business, or your own home.

You can’t match the quality, price and convenience anywhere else!

Four Colors Available:

(Marble is pink and white bi-color)

Red Poinsettia

Three Sizes Available:

3–4 Blooms    $ 8.40

4–6 Blooms    $12.60

7–12 Blooms  $21.00

Sales tax included in prices

Each plant is decorated with a green pot cover and wrapped with a Behnke’s logo protective sleeve.

Remember, orders must be placed before November 1 to qualify for this price and delivery to Crofton.  Contact me at (410) 721–7362 or to request an order form, or contact any member of the club.

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